My Perfect Planner Color-Coding System

Every planner geek needs his/her perfect color-coding system.

Color-coding is a wonderful way to stay organized AND it’s visually appealing 🙂 . Even though I’ve entered a world full of non-stop appointments, tests, meetings, trips, to-do lists, etc., I love keeping my world full of color. I’ve developed my special color-coding system over the past year and it’s helped me stay productive and organized in college.

This is my first color-coding system that I use on a day-to-day basis:


Light Blue – Events, opportunities

Purple – Mandatory meetings, appointments

Red – Deadlines, Tests

Dark Blue – Homework

Green – Work

Orange – Celebrations, Holidays, Birthdays

Pink – Personal Goals (Ex. working out, me time)

Then, I have a second, basic highlighting system when I do my month-to-month schedules:

Yellow: Class in session

Pink: No Class

Red: Exam Period

Highlighting is a lifesaver. It lets me glance at any point in time in the near future to see when I’ll be most busy and what I should be focusing on. This system helps me set my priorities and also helps me set goals well in advance of due dates and such. Do you have a special color-coding formula that keeps you organized? Share in the comments.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive week!

– Planner Geek

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